Friday, April 23, 2010

imke klee

photos by imke klee

Today I'd like to write about someone special. It is Imke Klee - very, very talented stylist and photographer. I found her art some time ago when I was looking for new information about Li Edelkoort (Imke works for Li Trend Union in Paris).
The beauty of her art totally overwhelmed me! She is such a young person - born in 1979 and made so many wonderful pictures so far! Light, colours, compositions in her works are so marvelous (my English is too poor to express how I'm impressed by it! but believe me I'm still watching her blog and webside, and thinking of her art) Imke lives in Paris and also in Bremen when she teaches at the University of the Arts. I know this city very well, because I have very good friends there, maybe some day will be opportunity to meet...
But today I present you some of her photos and recommend you to visit and see much more on her blog  and webside 


  1. Asia, the post was very pleasing for me. The absolutely charming images depicted here bring me to the past in such a a delicate way! But despite this nostalgy, the pictures still have this magic touch of contemporary sinsitivity of the photographer. It's really great that among this ubiquitous modernity both You and Imke still love such "old-fashioned" world:-)

  2. Zuzanna, it's nice to see you on my blog ;-) Thanks for your lovely post it's great to read it... I think you wrote about Imke's photos in such perfect words... By the way, I hope you will be here often - asia

  3. Bardzo fajne zdjęcia. Poproszę o więcej takich :)

  4. I love your beautiful blog and so enjoy your posts. good job