Monday, May 31, 2010

i'm still a child

it's me in 1976 and 1980...
it was so many years ago, but I still have got this doll...
beautiful days
and picture from yesterday, nice hours with kids in Museum of Literature
proszę - niech już przestanie padać!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

book for the weekend 4 + something special ;-)

Today book of Geert De Kockere and Sabien Clement Amourons-nous, publihed in 2003 by one of the greatest french publishing house Éditions du Rouergue.
I love this book, the subtle way it's drawing, the way the story is telling, the colours and of course the subject!
Zapraszam wszystkich którzy mają ochotę (i możliwość) spotkać się ze mną na Piknik Literacki z okazji DNIA DZIECKA, w niedzielę 30 maja. Będę prowadzić razem z Ewą Solarz, autorką książki DESIGN warsztaty dla dzieci - podwójne (już sie boję ;-) najpierw będzie trochę o DESIGNIE, a póżniej że, nie trzeba być takim jak wszyscy a odmienność jest piękna.
Program Pikniku znajdziecie tu na stronie wydawnictwa Dwie Siostry, które jest współorganizatorem Pikniku
Zapraszam bardzo, bardzo!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

the leg ;-)

i love this sweet leg, 
my little, black & white boy :-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ingrid, Henk, Pippa and Minne live here

Today we go to the Netherlands! Why? Because Ingrid Jansen, the woman who created WOOD & WOOL STOOL lives there with her husband Henk, daughter Pippa and son Minne. I'm sure that many of you know stools made by Ingrid but now we can check how house of this incredible talented person looks like. The house is beautiful, magical, fresh...  Every single thing looks special: lamp made of food tins, wallpaper above daughter's bed, hangers on the wooden wall and of course her amazing wool's crocheted stools. 
Looking at pics from Ingrid's home make me happy, I can't stop doing it ;-)
You know I'm not good in English but today I'd like to show you how I'm impressed by Ingrid and her art. You must see the gallery of her, check her website, where you can see many beautiful creations of her hands and can buy some of them. I'm also visiting her blog so often. It's full of interesting posts, pictures, just - full of inspirations.


1. I like my home for... 
it has grown into a personal place since we've been living here
2. The most inspiring book... 
all kinds of interior magazines
3. The most favourite movie... 
spanish movies
4. The most favourite colour...
5. The most favourite designer...
6. The most favourite thing (not necessery in your home)... 
my camera
7. When I do not work... 
reading, running and enjoy my garden in a lazy chair
8. A place I'd like to live... 
spain for the sun or danmark for the style
9. For me, a wonderful evening means... 
after a sunny day eating outside in the garden and enjoy doing nothing
10. My big dream... 
to move to an old pippi longstocking villa and make it the perfect place to live and work

I'd like to thank you Ingrid that you agreed to show your house on my blog


This week I LOVE:
1. MINAKANI - Paris based textile design studio and their collections!
2. BEET ROOT - Red Łowicz Heart mug, (featuring the folk art heart design from the Polish town Łowicz), which you can buy here Check all collection of those 2 amazing girls !!!
3. Ingrid Jansen WOOD & WOOL STOOL, I'll show you house of Ingrid very, very soon ;-)
4. New book of AGATA DUDEK (masterpiece)
5. and this pink, little, smiling buddha


hilda lives here

Today we visited small, beautiful apartment in Sweden. This is home of Hilda Grahnat very young (23-years old – o God I wish I were so young) student of graphic design in Malmö. You may know her as a author of beautiful blog forever is today. This is her first apartment, full of amazing, vintage things and furniture inherited from her grandparents or bought on flea markets. I love collection of her grandpa's clocks very much.  Apartment is full of light, vivid colours, youth and freshness. Beautiful.
You must visit her blog to see all wonderful pictures she took, my favourite are from her travels (see book of her from NEW YORK here and everyday life!!! Don't miss her portfolio
1. I like my home for...  
how bright the kitchen is and just because it's my first apartment
2. The most inspiring book... 
I wish I read more books than I do...
3. The most favourite movie... 
Almost Famous
4. The most favourite colour... 
on home items: red, on clothes: black
5. The most favourite designer... 
I don't really have one
6. The most favourite thing (not necessery in your home)... 
my camera(s)
7. When I do not work... 
I spend time with family and friends, go thrifting, take pictures, watch tv series
8. A placeI'd like to live... 
New York City
9. For me, a wonderful evening means... 
dinner with dear friends 
10. My big dream... 
is to work as a photographer/graphic designer/artist and have a small printing studio of my own