Friday, May 14, 2010

book for the weekend 2

I'm almost forgot... today's friday and I'd like to show one book (which is important to me) every friday. So now: MYTHOLOGICAL MONSTERS of Ancient Greece by Sara Fanelli, published by Walker Books in 2002. I bought it in Bologna Book Fair where it was awarded in 2003. Very inspiring book... Some days ago Justyna wrote me that Pinoccio made by Sara is one of her favourite book - I agree, books of Sara are amazing.
Sara is incredible talented artist, you can see her works and read more about her here.
Now I'm waiting for amazon delivery with SOMETIMES I THINK, SOMETIMES I AM.
Reading and collecting books is one of my weakness. So now:


  1. SOMETIMES I THINK is the only book I know by her but looking at those pages and it might change in the future

  2. Asiu, "Monsters" are more than great ( it's in my books collection too ;)) but I'm jealous, I don't have "SOMETIMES I THINK, SOMETIMES I AM". uuuuu... You won! :) Justyna

  3. uwielbiam twoje rysunki! Świetnie rysujesz!!!!!!