Thursday, June 3, 2010

my little interview with Imke Klee

I was writing about my great fascination with art of Imke Klee some weeks ago. 
I love her photos so much, the way she could show such a simple thing so beautiful. 
Photos of her give so many inspirations to me, and show a new perspective of looking at the surrounding world. 
I asked Imke 9 questions and here you can read what she answered...

1. How did your adventure with art start? When did you decide to become an artist?
During my childhood drawing, collecting, painting, designing my room, etc. was my main “occupation”
... and there was never a real significant change.
2. Do you remember your first artistic project?
Instantaneous I don’t remember my first artistic project. I just had real fun and pleasure to do my diploma! 
I realized a lot of amazing ideas and pictures and had the real feeling to have found my way to work. 
That was a great experience!
3. What does inspire you during the working process? Where do you find the greatest inspiration for your work?
I am inspired by everything that surrounds me and catches my eye. Mostly simple things...

4. What does your creative process look like? (e.x. first you spot something, have an idea, discuss it... 
or maybe everything is your imagination and the only thing is to bring it to life?)
I am acting on instinct. My working processes normally are beginning with a feeling and are ending with a concept. 
(I am always working with visuals, not with texts.)
5. How the work for Trend Union looks like? 
Every day a new challenge. Never the same.
6. Which artists do you admire the most? And why?
There are so many great and talented people... I can’t say that I have one favourite... 
but I really like for example designs from Piet Hein Eek, photo series from Tim Walker, art from Giorgio Morandi 
and Andrea Branzi and, and, and...
7. Is there anything you would like to try and haven’t had opportunity to do it yet?
I would love to create somewhen an own fashion-collection.
 8. How do you find your teaching at the University of the Arts?
It was fantastic and very inspiring! I had two brilliant groups of students! 
Sometimes I had the impression that it was more exciting for me than for the students ;) ...that is to say that it is not so long that I graduated from the University and I never thought to turn back soon to teach and to make a workshop!
9. What’s your dreamy place to live and to create? 
I really like Paris and I would love to continue someday in New York. But I always miss nature and to live in the countryside! 
I think that I could never take a final decision... for long-term I need both to be really happy and creative. 

all photos I show you are taken by imke klee


  1. Imke jest rewelacyjna!!!! Fajnie przecztać jej słowa :-) Szkoda że u nas nie można nigdzie kupić Bloom'a .

  2. I love your beautiful blog and so enjoy your posts. good job