Monday, August 30, 2010

Sandra and Johan live here

Today next visit in Sweden. You can see amazing flat of one of may favourite blogger and illustrator Sandra Juto. Sandra lives in Gothenburg, where she works as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. You can see her amazing portfolio here and you must visit her shop with prints, dolls and Wrist Worms. I found here blog some years ago (in time I knew blogs of other swedish girls: Camilla and Elisabeth (you can see her house on my blog) and since then I visit it regulary. For me it's amazing place, full of beautiful pictures. Sandra is very tallented photographer. She has incredible ability to show so simple things in such beautiful way, I love her sense of humour and imagination too - see the lamp in the hall :-D . I love her photos from travels the same as pics from everyday life. But… something about her house :-) She lives there with her husband Johan.  The flat is rather small (about 35 m2) but so cosy, beautiful and furnished with such good taste. I love her livingroom with vintage cupboard and lamp, table with Eames chairs, armchair with crotchet blanket, blue walls with cute pictures in the hall, kitchen with many little beautful tins, boxes, cups, spoons… Oh there are so many things to count (golden trumpet, strings of pearls, drawings, posters)… just have a look for pictures of Sandra's place and be guest in her wonder place!
and here some pic from her lovely studio
and her famous Wrist Worms
My questions / Sandra's answers:
1. How do you describe your house style?
A pick and mix of everything me and my husband want in our home.
2. You like your home because...
It feels good to be in, I like the atmosphere.
3. Have you got your favourite designer or just love things of their beauty?
I love things for their beauty and I admire Verner Panton's way of seeing things very much.
4. Whose house do you love or admire?
My sister's. Her home is also a pick and mix of what she likes and she has no famous "designer stuff" in her home, which I quite like although I have them myself ;)
5. Your most favourite colour...
Pearl white.
6. What's your dreamy place to live and create?
I dream of an apartment in Berlin.
7. What a wonderful evening means for you...
A long walk to a nice bar and then a shorter walk back home again.
8. Your most inspiring book/movie/music...
I love anything by Woody Allen when it comes to movies. Pet Shop Boys is my all-time favourite band and lately I've been quite drawn into Haruki Murakami's written worlds.
9. Your most favourite thing in your home or not...
My most favourite thing is my stack of yarn, because it changes all the time. I try to only have things I like in my home, but there is one thing that I would like to change as soon as I find a good replacer - the water kettle, it's awful :)
10. When you do not work...
I have coffee with my husband and friends at different cafés, I read books and I make plans for the future.
I'd like to thank you Sandra for your time, thank you for created so marvellous place  I can visit every day, thank you for sharing with us your beautiful house which could be an inspiration for everybody how to do cosy, great and uncommon place to live.
All photos I showed you were taken by Sandra Juto.


  1. she is a favourite of mine too, so talented and so inspirational. a great selection of images you chose.

  2. PinkBow - thanks for visit :-D, thanks to this I saw your blog - it's great! I agree Sandra is so talented... I was so happy she agreed to show her beautiful house here...

  3. Really a wonderful flat - but I cannot believe it has only 35 sqm, it looks much bigger!

  4. congratulations to this great interview with an amazing woman :)


  6. very nice picture of sandra and her home:)

  7. Sandra is a very inspiring person...i can say that thanks to her everyday posts, i've made a choice and quitted my job, so i can start working on what i truly love.

  8. I also know her blog. The flat is really nice! But I think Sandra is also a very good photographer! Really really good! ;-)

  9. Thank youvery much for doing this interview with andra and showing these pictures together.
    I know and love her blog and photos and this made me want a flat like this.