Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jane Cumberbatch lives here

Today I'd like to show you something special not only because it's so amazing and beautiful but also because it's connected with PERSON who was and still is very important to create my point of view on living. PERSON I totally admire. I remember I was so impressed by HER philosophy of simple life. I tried to find out as much as possible about HER vision of simple and natural approach to interior design and living. Of course there were some possibilities to do this. First: read her books, second: read interviews with her and later read her blog. I was so happy when Pure Style Blog was created. If you don't know this place - must see it! I'm sure that the best way to know and understand this path of seeing and creating space around us is to read her own words: 
 "(Simple living) It's not just about aesthetics; simple living is a philosophy, too. Rampant consumerism takes a toll on the environment, so simple living embraces composting; having one car, not two; and buying fresh produce over packaged food (and whenever possible buying locally). What's also intrinsic is a consciousness about not being wasteful. I'm talking about reusing old, discarded pieces of furniture by sprucing them up with a coat of paint, and saving fabric remnants to use on jeans or for other sewing projects. It's a creative way of living, really"
"Once you've determined what you need, you can concentrate on finding items that will stand the test of time and are pleasing to the eye. For me, that's a sturdy kitchen table, robust glassware, plain white plates, classic cutlery, and washable paints and slipcovers. The greatest benefit of a simple life is having time to enjoy simple pleasures -- to appreciate life, to feel calm. So anything that makes life comfortable and affords more time to explore worthwhile pursuits is pure and simple living at its best."
"I'm trying to decide what I really need (…). I don't need to spend a lot of money on fancy fabrics and endless trinkets that ultimately make you stressed because you have to take care of them" 
One more very important thing about Pure Style is Simple formula: THREE FS of HER blueprint for a simple life. FEW, FUNCTIONAL and FINE.
Thanks to HER when I bought my house I had very strong opinion how it should look like, what is good and important for me for comfortable life. I totally agree with Simple Style and now it's my style too.  You can imagine how happy I was when SHE agreed to show her amazing house on kavkadesign. Ladies and gentelmen let me introduce Pure Style guru Jane Cumberbatch and invite you to visit HER WORLD
And something special. 
I asked Jane some guestions and here are her answers:
1. What's your dreamy place to live and create? 
My little wooden shed at the bottom of the garden, where  I can smell the roses, listen to the birds and see the sky whilst I’m writing
2.Your most inspiring book/movie/music/picture… 
so difficult to say, but favourites include: To the lighthouse, Virginia Wolf; film: The Spirit of the Beehive (about spanish civil war); here comes the sun by the beatles, such a beautiful and uplifting song; beautfiul black and white photographs in  classic american photographer, Lee Friedlander’s book, Apples and Olives. 
3. Where your find inspiration…
everywhere around me but especially in the colours and textures of nature
4. What a wonderful evening means for you... 
Sitting under the stars in summer with flickering candles, good conversationn and a large pot of garlicky clams.   
5. When you do not work... 
Pull up the bedcovers and get stuck into a good novel. 
6. What is your advise for beginners who want to start Simple Living... (should they throw out all things or buy new simple, white furniture for example?) 
I think that having a good clear out is a very good way to start living more simply. Take all the things  you no longer need or want to charity shops or recycling: there’ll be someone out there who will be delighted, and you’ll be left with a nice clean slate!
For more informations of Jane's Pure Style philosophy look at her website and her blog. For her books look here
All quotations I used in that pictures' presentation came from Jane's website and you can find all of them here.
Jane I'd like to thank you so much for everything!

you can read an interview with Jane where I found quotations used by me in text about Jane here


  1. So beautiful, I'd like to live there :-)

  2. gorgeous house! I can see some of my botanical etchings on the walls...;) wonderful!

  3. A lovely post! The images are beautiful. I totally heart Pure Style for it's lightness and easiness.