Wednesday, October 20, 2010

huge, terrible, orange ball

huge, terrible, orange ball... waiting to be eating  ;-)
beautiful boyz – all day in my head
bea and her blog–  so good
and this is something special – drawing of lady with orange hair (Ida Sierpniowa) I got some time ago from Jula, a girl who use in her school a book designed and illustrated by me and other  illustrators,  in the moments like this I feel that my job is great! happy me :-D
Thank you Jula so much!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love your super-sized pumpkin:D
    yesterday I was trying to take the smallest one in the shop home but it was still too heavy-5kilos..what would I do with such an amount of pumpkin pulp?;)
    mam nadzieję, że dzień minął fajnie:)
    na naszym blogu czeka lista wylosowanych tytułów:)
    ps.Kavko, dostałaś zaproszenie do współtworzenia na maila?