Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my little interview with Jacqueline Bos

 Hello, dear friends! Today we have great opportunity to meet with super-talented illustrator and textile designer Jacqueline Bos. I'm so proud and happy because (I must say it) I'm totally obsessed with her art lately ;-) I'm spending hours looking at her illustrations, books, any piece of art she created… You can see it, too. Just visit her website here, her very inspiring blog here or her shop here if you'd like to buy something designed by her (I love Rhinos Smell Roses Pillow soooo much). Jackie lives  and works in Portland Oregon. You can see here some photos of her lovely studio, where all these beauties are created. I love this cute, pink desk (it seems to be so little), this special atmosphere of progressing work, light colours, hanging hearts, yellow chairs – just everything. She's created beautiful and harmonious space around her. I'm sure – she's a genious.
I asked her some questions and now you could read her answers:
1// How did your adventure with art start? When did you decide to become an artist?
I’ve been drawing and making things as far back as I can remember
2// Do you remember your first artistic project?
No idea! It probably involved a really big blanket fort
3// What does inspire you during the working process? Where do you find the greatest inspiration for your work?
Some days inspiration is a bit easier to come by than others. Mostly I pull a lot of inspiration from stories, and patterns.
 4// What project do you like working on the most (illustrations for magazines, designig books, textile or doing your own not-commercial projects)?
Actually, a combo of all of the above is best. I tend to get a bit burnt out when always working on the same type of work, so having a varied mix to choose from and switch between keeps me on my toes. It’s nice to be able to take a break from an editorial piece and work on something like a textile pattern which is approached very differently.
5//Have you got your own illustration or project you're proud or like the most?
The “I Heart the Arctic” book is definitely the project I’m most proud of, it was just such a long process getting all of the drawings together and figuring out the book, and I’m really happy with how everything came together.
6//What does your creative process look like? (e.x. first you spot something, have an idea, discuss it... or maybe everything is your imagination and the only thing is to bring it to life?)
I always start with drawing, and keep on drawing until something sparks a second step, then take it from there.
7// Is there anything you would like to try and haven't had opportunity to do it yet?
Ah! I’d love to do a large scale work, maybe something that could be worked into wallpaper?
 8// Your most inspiring movie, book, music…
So many! I’m a bit of a book nerd, but my favorite novel hands down is “Franny & Zooey” by JD Salinger. “JanFamily” is a photography book that is always mesmerizing, I love looking through it.
I change my mind on favorite movies all the time, but right now I’m watching “The Science of Sleep” which is always fun to see again. I also change my mind on music all the time, I’m very mood based in choosing a playlist for the day, today it was a mix of Pete Yorn w/ Scarlett Johansson (love the album), Forest City Lovers, The National and Devendra Banhart.
 9// What's your dreamy place to live and to create?
Right now I’m living back in Portland Oregon, which I feel really at home in. I think I was a bit more active and motivated when I was in Brooklyn though, so I’m trying to infuse some of that energy into my current setting.
 10// When you do not work...
Haha! I’m trying to get better about separating work hours from home hours. It’s not always on the typical Saturday/Sunday weekend, but every week I try and take a full weekend day, no work, no computer, go to the market, take walks, hang out with friends, and do some cooking! 
Thank you Jackie for sharing with us your world of art.
All illustrations, projects and photos I show you were made by Jacqueline Bos.


  1. zawsze z wielką przyjemnością tu zaglądam.
    tym razem zapraszam do mnie na cukierki:)
    paulina od smutnych misiów

  2. Such a sweet portrait :-)

    Joanna: I've started a feature on the blog to share the favourite corners/items in the bedroom of my favourite people and I would love you to participate. If you can, could you send me some pics and why you love the items you're showing us so much