Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hello everybody!
Today I feel almost good :-) I think – thanks to your wishes.As you see I changed a little "the dress" of kavka – what you think? I like it and hope it's the beginning of bigger changes...
Can't wait for these books I ordered last year: hella jongerius and paola navone – two great, super-talented women! (I'll share with you, of course)
for everybody keen on design of hella and possibility to get there: misfit in rotterdam, I'll do all my best to see it – exhibition is opened till February 13
(^^^ new illustration for Naj)
big hugs!


  1. baner jest super! i podoba mi się też nowe zdjęcie profilowe:)
    ps. pierwszy raz w życiu czuję potrzebę kupienia "Naj" ;) hihi

  2. mnie też się podoba:-)