Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mia-Louise, her husband Mark, son Herbert and two dogs Arthur & Freddie live here!

Today the next Visit with Kavka. The first in this year and very special. We'll have possibility to visit beautiful world of MisseMai Prints created 
by incredible talented textile designer Mia-Louise Mailund Smith. She lives and works in Copenhagen where her studio MisseMai Prints is located. 
Mia–Louise is the designer of illustrational art pieces, hand printed pillows, children's organic bed linen, lingerie… You can admire everything on missemai website and buy what you want in the online shop or in some lovely shops in Copenhagen and London. You can follow MisseMai Prints' steps on theire delightful blog. Don't miss it, it's full of beautiful photos, interesting and inspiring subjects, funny and cute objects. 
Mia-Louise lives in large (130m2), very light, carefully furnitured, gorgeous flat, with her husband Mark, son Herbert and two dogs: Arthur 
& Freddie. Let's come inside and look around this tremendous house!

> You like your home for... Being a happy place full of my husbands vintage records, my son's colorful toys, the dogs sleeping basket and my own designs (
> How does your house express your personality... The majority of Danish homes have white painted walls and quite 'cold' interior but in contrast every room in our home is decorated in a different color or with wallpaper.
> The most favourite colour... Stony Ground from Farrow & Ball
> The most favourite designer... I'm a huge fan of shoe designer Charlotte Olympia
> The most favourite thing (not necessery in your home)... I LOVE the Arco lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni
> What's your dreamy place to live and create? My studio in Copenhagen is a perfect little 2 floored worn out warehouse I share with the talented textile artist Stine Skytte Østergaard, it is truly a dream place.

>How did you become the designer? I did a textile degree (BA hons) at Chelsea college of Art & Design in London, specializing in old fashion screen printing.
> What inspires you the most in your work? The dark and quirky fairy tales that i was told over and over gain as a child.
> What does your creative process look like? (e.x. first you spot something, have an idea, discuss it...or maybe everything is your imagination and the only thing is to bring it to life?) I always start by reading a bunch of fairy tale and then draw everything I've read about. Thereafter I put together an illustration with the aim of telling a story without the usage of words.
> How the work for Missemai looks like? Naive, quirky and full of lots of magical creatures
> Where can we buy products designed by you?
>  Which artists do you admire the most? And why? The Danish fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen for his amazing creativity both with his words and his paper cut.
> Is there anything you would like to try and haven’t had opportunity to do it yet? A dream of mine is to do a fine art collection of detailed 3D paper cuts.

I'd like to thank you Mia-Louise for showing us your works and beautiful house!


  1. Piękny dom, taki świetlisty. Podoba mi się to, że mimo wielu designerskich mebli i lamp nie wygląda jak showroom meblowy, tylko prawdziwy, rodzinny dom. A projekty właścicielki - cudne, taki powrót do bajkowego świata z dzieciństwa. Olka

  2. LOVE! So stylish and tasty, and with calm colours...Love her dining room..a lot of items in the house...her prints are beautiful! Very talented! Great post, my dear!

    Ingrid :)

  3. I would like to move in here please. :)