Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Minja with her family live here :-)

Today we visit Finland. I'm so happy having the possibility to show you this amazing house. Minja with her husband Antti Viitamäki, 3 kids:Elias, Amalie and Jeemi, 2 dogs Salma and Kahilah, 2 cats Uska and Jini and one white rabbit, lives here.
 I felt in love with this house at the first sight the same as at blog of Minja – Chocolate Circus.
CC is one of my favourite blog since I've discovered it some time ago. Even I have to use google translator to understand anything, I try to read Minja's words. It's full of cute photos from everyday life of this amazing family. Beautiful, inspiring place… So, let's go inside…

Thank you Minja for sharing with us your beautiful house and showing us a little part of your and your family life.
All photos were taken by Minja Viitamäki


  1. wnętrze z klimatem!
    lubię odwiedzać cudze domy i patrzeć jak inni oswajają przestrzeń wokół siebie. pokoje dziecięce jak z marzeń!

  2. Thanks Asia about this wonderful possibility <3

    It was fun to "work" with you :)))

  3. Great post - a lot of nice images and items!

    Have a nice evening,

    Huggies from Ingrid :)

  4. I must say that I have the same experience as you Asia. I discovered Chocolate Circus some time ago. And I also use Google for translation ;-) but not satisfied with it. But I don't know Finish unfortunatelly ;-)

  5. fan-ta-sty-czne miejsce:) bardzo podoba mi się hamak:)i wiele detali, np półka w kuchni z wąskimi przegródkami albo wieszak na ubrania zrobiony z gałęzi:)inspirujące wnętrza:)
    uściski Kavko
    minja-I love your interiors!

  6. Beautiful home.I love "grandmother style":)

  7. A to jestem w szoku , po raz pierwszy 'spotkalam ' sie z kims , kto nosi to samo imie co moj kot - Minia . Lata temu moja siostra stworzyla slow Minia , aby okreslic wszystko miekkie i puszste , najczesciej byly to kawalki futra .
    Bardzo dobry post Kavko , atmosfera na zdjeciach cudowna , masz bardzo dobry gust , wiesz ;)

  8. Minja has a great eye for quircky vintage and I love the way she plays with the subtle colours.
    Although I can tell she's a collector the place doesn't look cluttered but au contraire, all the objects are well displayed and beautiful!
    (I loooooove her kitchen, her crockery and all the pans and utensils).
    great post, thanks!

  9. Cudowne miejsce - bardzo inspirujące. lubię takie klimaty - nieco jakby bałaganiarskie, takie bez zadęcia, przytulne...

  10. Oh, thanks about your lovely words!

    I really hope that I can write my blog in English too, someday...

  11. Nice post!!!!! Love his flat....cute cat!!!!

  12. What a beautiful home. I like the welcome camel and the bunny head on the wall.

  13. This a real house, not from a stylish magazin!?!?! OMG! I'm in deep LOVE.