Saturday, January 28, 2012

and the winner is...

proszę o adres ( a Beksa poleci do Ciebie
Thank you so much for taking part in my white giveaway! Cry_Baby found new house & can't wait to meet Karolina :-) New giveaway will be in few weeks
Have a great evening!

Friday, January 27, 2012

kitchen's stories

late night or very, very early morning (it depends on how you see 3 am – night or dawn)
simple, everyday kitchen's story
I like it so much, really :-)
Today is last day of GIVEAWAY :-D remember

Have a great weekend! Kisses!

Friday, January 20, 2012

white giveaway

Dear Blog Friends I invite you to take part in my WHITE giveaway! This little Cry_Baby is waiting for you :-) All you have to do is: 1. leave a comment under this post 2. write what's your advice for gloomy mood? 3. just have luck! I'll wait for your answers till January 27. The winner will be announced January 28 ----------------------------------------------------------- Good luck!
Kochani, zapraszam do białego losowania Beksy Edka. Co musicie zrobić: 1. zostawić komentarz pod tym postem 2. napisać w nim, jaka jest Wasza rada i sposób na pozbycie się ponurego humoru 3. przyda się odrobina szczęścia w losowaniu :-) Na wpisy czekam do 27 stycznia, a zwycięzca zostanie ogłoszony 28 stycznia Powodzenia
Have a great weekend :-D

Monday, January 16, 2012


Real Winter!
The end of sad, rainy, foggy days!
The end of bad mood!
My new ZDAR boots are just perfect now :-)
MASHA, super comfortable & super warm Valenki  – you rock!

prawdziwa, biała zima
koniec smutnych, rozmytych, mokrych dni
koniec złego nastroju
moje nowe walonki ZDAR są idealne na taką aurę!
Super wygodne, super ciepłe buty MASHA  rządzą!
Links for today: Caroline Gomez blog & WDC – I'm totally obsessed with these wonderful blogs now :-)
Sang Won Sung – amazing art!
nice tights for cold days :-)
LOVE this great polish brand misbhv 
have a great week

Sunday, January 8, 2012

few pics story from my home

favourite things
old & new furniture

every little thing tells its story
this is the sunday's story from my house
big hugs friends!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Agata, Arek, Franek and Robert live here :-)

The first day of new 2012 year and the first Visit with Kavka. Today we're in Rotterdam, where my dear friend Agatka (from Rafa Kids) created her beautiful home. She lives there with Arek (her husband) and two lovely, little boys: Franek & Robert. Agata and Arek (both architects) adapted the shop for their dream house. Great idea don't you think? It's 80 m2 big with wonderful garden (140m2) where they can relax and kids can play in. What more can I say? Just come inside and look around :-)

10 questions – 10 answers:
1. How do you describe your house style?
I will say simple and modern with a bit of loft and industrial atmosphere. 
2. You like your home because...
It is really made by ourself… from a sketch on my desk through hands of my husband and family. It was great to design all different  elements of it: a cupboard in the kitchen, library , bench in the living room and at the end a bunk bed for our sons. I like so much the open floor plan, high ceiling, big windows with a lot of light and the flexible and adoptable space which make us happy here. I just wish we could stretch it like 100m2 more! 
3. Have you got your favourite designer or just love things of their beauty?
There is so many inspiring people and things I find beautiful!  But  I will be always faithful to Jacques Herzog. Really charismatic and gifted architect whose way of working and thinking I adore.  Recently I like designs of Scholten & Baijings, the minimalist touch and the use of colors is so interesting. 
4. Whose house do you love or admire?
I really like Scandinavians houses - one of the top will be for example a house of Finnish designer Tuula Pöyhönen. The unity of house and working space is there so great!
5. Your most favourite colour...
Black and gray to wear, white in space and recently the colors and patterns of marimekko designs. 
6. What's your dreamy place to live?
One day I would love to have a loft apartment in NY. 
7. What a wonderful evening means for you...
Going out with a friend. Have a good talk, a delicious food and enjoy a inspiring movie or concert. 
8. Your most inspiring book/movie/music...
I wait all year long for the Rotterdam Film Festival in January. My last discovery was  talented  Xavier Dolan - great sense of humor and an amazing eye for details. I like also films of Lars von Trier , Alejandro González Iñárritu or Polish Urszula Antoniak - psychological dramas - I am really into it! I am a moody person so one day I will enjoy listening to Adele, the next day I will have an evening with Nick Cage, some other simply dance with Faithless. I have a feeling that nowadays I am reading only children books and cooking recipes ;-) 
9. Your most favourite thing is ...
A cup of good coffee. 
10. When you do not work...
I am all for my kids and husband.
Agatka – thank you so much for inviting us to your beautiful house!
all photos made by © Agata Seredyn
more about Agata you can find here